OPIVU Press 1 "Have you dreamed of salon lash extensions or lush gorgeous lashes? I recently
discovered OPIVU's Lashmere Mascara - this makes it possible to achieve the
lashes of your dreams. Plus the brush is of the highest quality, making your
lashes glamorous."
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OPIVU Press 2 "LUXURY COSMETICS COMPANY TAKES STAGE WITH LEGALLY BLONDE" Read More OPIVU Press 3 "Love the new packaging of your product, looks amazing." -Natalie Taquino, Allure OPIVU Press 4 Tips from the Best Makeup Winner OPIVU Cosmetics Susanna Stroberg-Gora,
the woman behind OPIVU's expertly blended makeup, shares her trade
secrets for achieving a flawless face.
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OPIVU Press 5 "We were very impressed with the HIGH IMPACT long lasting and deep
pigments in the lipstick."
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OPIVU Press 6 "Lashmere is topped with a glorious, jumbo plumping wand which reminded
me a lot of Dior Show's wand. However, OPIVU's formula has a great color payoff,
thickens lashes without all of the clumply gooey mess, and is not flaky."
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OPIVU Press 7 "Their mineral blushes are AH-amazing. What I love about their colors is that
they're multi-dimensional. Coral Sun is a radiant blend of peach, gold, pink
and coral. It has a gorgeous sheen that instantly perks up your face. It's all
mineral based so you can nuzzle your baby's cheeks worry free!"
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OPIVU Press 8 "This powder goes on like a velvety dream. It's jet-milled to fine perfection and
can be worn three different ways for subtle to complete coverage! Looks flawless
for everyday, on camera and in photos for a smooth and soft coplexion.
Plus it's good for your skin!"
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